April 18, 2012

April 15, 2012

April 11, 2012

April 8, 2012

  • Little ones and their love for God.


    Charlie, Isaac, and Nick

    When all is still and silent

                         they cannot be.

    That is not their way

                         not how they worship or love God.

    When everyone stands

                         to sing or recite;

    proper and all on key.

    That is not their way

                         piping baby voices

    ringing true and clear.

    Just high above the rest

                         singing so God can hear.

    When all kneel still and soft;

                         in adoration of the Lord.

    They do not.

    for that is not their way.

    He made their wiggles

                         for His glory.

    He made their cries

                         for his praise.

    That is their way.


April 4, 2012

  • When the Sun is Shining



    There are days when the sun is shining.

    Lunch must be eaten out of doors.

    Peanut butter has to be mixed with jelly

    the cheese on the nachos

    has to be peeled off

    before it is eaten.

    When the sun shines and the birds sing

    milk has to have ice cubes in it and

    sand should be between toes.

    Indoors is the wrong place to be.

    Babies have to put grass in their mouths

    while two-year-olds dump sand

    in their hair

    laughing as it flows down their chins.

    Mammas turn away because

    the sun is shining

    it must be done this way.

    Puppies play

    when the sun shines

    their pink tummies

    soft and warm.

    Rolling in the sand

    toes get nipped

    babies giggle

    and the sun shines.

    Peanut butter crumbs

    disappear onto pink tongues

    and babies and puppies

    share their lunches

    only when the sun is shining.

    In the spring the breezes blow

    baby arms are chubby and cold,

    but that's okay

    when the sun shines.

    Spit up sinks into the soil

    and no one cares.

    Chins don't get wiped,

    the sun is shining

    and dirty faces are right.

    Later it will be bath time.

    Then fingernails will be scrubbed.

    Toes will be found

    down deep in the sand.

    Peanut butter will be parted from the jelly

    the nachos will grow stale.

    then the sun will go down.

    Night will descend

    everything will be right

    because the sun was shining.


February 14, 2012

February 13, 2012

  • The Simple Womans Daybook 13 February 2012


    Outside my window....old man winter decided to rear his ugly head last night. We woke up this morning to 4 or 5 inches of snow that fell last night.  Temps are in the 20's with a stiff west wind that drops the windchill below 0.  It is a good day to sit inside and do what needs to be done.  There will certainly be no pull of the weather calling me outside like there was last week.

    I am thinking....about this mornings reading from Mother Theresa.  She talks about temptation being the fire that purifies us like gold in the furnace.  Lately I have not been trying too hard to resist those little temptations to imperfection and mediocrity that have come my way.  I need to head out to confession and make a new start turning my back on my moods and errant emotions.

    I am thankful for....a husband who stands firm when firmness is called for.  I thank God for him every day.

    From the kitchen....there is plenty of leftover beef stroganoff from yesterday to satisfy this crowd.

    I am wearing....green tee shirt and sweat pants. 

    I am creating....completed school assignments.

    I am going...to stay home all day until Matthew needs to report to the recruiter this afternoon. 

    I am reading...Danial Deronda by George Eliot

    I am hoping...to get the bulk of my writing done early this week so that I can work on some other projects.

    I am hearing...Layn climbing the stairs to take his first nap of the day, the sound of the windchimes out front that hang under the eaves of the house blowing in the wind, and Isabella trying to find a comfortable place to lay down here in the sewing room.

    Around the house....things are neat and clean and in full Monday morning swing.  We have to be quieter than usual today though. Ian is sleeping because he had to be out plowing all night last night.

    One of my favorite things...having virtual coffee and conversation with my online friends.

    A few plans for the rest of the week....school, holy hour, doctor's appointments, and more school.

    Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you....


    This boy is often the only reason to get up in the morning!  Time to bust out of that malaise and get back on my own road again.